Saddleworth Cemetery

The cemetery was opened in 1986 after being architecturally designed to take into consideration the long-term impact due to its commanding position overlooking the Saddleworth countryside.

The site occupies a west facing hillside position on marginal land between enclosed pasture and open moorland. The Parish Council believes that the site must ultimately perform as a public open space for the enjoyment of local residents and hill walkers in addition to its primary function as a cemetery.

Saddleworth Cemetery also includes a “woodland” or “green” burial site, this was opened in 1996 and was voted “Best Woodland Burial Site in the North West in 2000 by the Natural Death Centre.

The Cemetery also includes a Memorial Garden for the Interment of Ashes. For further information about the Cemetery please contact Pam Bailey, Clerk of the Council at the Council Offices.

Cemetery Charges