Saddleworth Allotments Group

Allotments in Saddleworth & Lees

Saddleworth & Lees District Partnership is keen to increase the provision of allotments in the area and has put aside £10,000 of its budget to promote this project.


Different ways of providing allotments and gardens are being explored including the traditional size of allotments, half size plots, plot sharing and community gardens.

Projects already under way to provide ‘Grow your Own’ initiatives are a pilot at Lido House to provide raised beds so that the residents, some of whom have been lifelong gardeners can keep on gardening.

An area in Uppermill has been identified as a potential site and this will be used as a pilot.  The Denshaw site is almost ready to go.  Other areas of land are being explored in Diggle, Grotton, Austerlands and Lees.

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