The allotments in Uppermill sit between Kenworthy Gardens and Huddersfield Narrow Canal, offering local residents the opportunity to escape to their own natural space, and to grow their own.

The allotments were created in 2012 through the district partnership between the Parish Council and Oldham Borough, with 14 allotments created initially.

The Parish Council is looking into the possibility of increasing the number of allotments, but is currently ensuring that any plans to do so respect the natural diversity present in the surrounding area, with the Greater Manchester Ecological Unit conducting a survey of the Parish fields to establish if it should be classified as a Site of Biological Interest. Once this survey has been completed, we will establish if further allotments can be built.

A recent change has meant that allotment holders can now build greenhouses on the site - structures are restricted to a maximum of 8 foot by 6 foot and a minimum of 6 foot by 4 foot.

There is currently a waiting list for allotments, which are restricted to residents of Uppermill. For more information on costs, or to be added to the waiting list, please contact Saddleworth Parish Council on or call 01457 876665.

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