Dawson's Field on Huddersfield in Scouthead is leased by Saddleworth Parish Council to keep it as an open space for community use.

The Field is home to the Scouthead and Austerlands Band Contest, as well as an annual fun day. It has had 100 trees planted around the perimeter of the field by volunteers Paul Sykes, Geoff Fielding and Rob Knotts, funded through the City of Trees initiative. It is maintained by community volunteers at Scouthead and Austerlands Community Group, as well as the Parish Council itself.

Having previously seen part of the site sold by Oldham Council for development, Saddleworth Parish Council took ownership of the remainder of the site to protect it as an open space for use across Saddleworth, both now and in the future.

The field is available for to be used for public events. If you are interested in helping to maintain it, or to use it for an event, please contact Saddleworth Parish Council on enquiries@saddleworthparishcouncil.org.uk or call 01457 876665.

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