The draft Neighbourhood Plan has been developed from the views expressed by local people during earlier phases of consultation. More than 12,000 questionnaires were distributed across Saddleworth as we reached out to every household. Online versions were shared, and discussions were held with community associations and local organisations. School pupils were also asked for their views.

The responses to the consultation are provided below. There are four documents. The first two are the summary documents of the Future of Saddleworth consultation. The responses are split into two; individual responses are provided in an Excel sheet, where we requested respondents to complete an open text response, and a breakdown of responses where respondents chose from provided options.

The Dobcross Community Association carried out their own questionnaire, and submitted two response documents to the Parish Council; one with an overview of all responses; and one which looked specifically at Travel and Transport issues in the village.

Future of Saddleworth Overview Future of Saddleworth Individual Responses Dobcross Overview Dobcross Travel & Transport

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