The Strategic Planning Committee then worked on a draft set of policies, which were subject to assessment and revision at each stage by the committee, which includes members of the Peak District National Park Authority and Oldham Council.

In order to keep local residents views in mind at all stages of the development progress, local residents associations were invited to regularly attend the meetings, ask questions, and provide suggestions on the development plans - we are extremely grateful for their input into the process.

The legal requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning process require the Plan to not contradict those planning policies which sit above it - in particular, the National Planning Policy Framework, Places for Everyone (formerly the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework), the Local Plan for Oldham, and the Peak District National Park Development Plan. Consultation with officers at Oldham Council and the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) was particularly valuable in ensuring that the plan has been built on a solid legal basis.

Neighbourhood Plan Draft Versions

Version 1.0 Version 1.1 Version 1.2 Version 1.3 Version 1.4 Version 1.5 Version 1.6 Version 1.7 Version 1.8 Version 1.9 Version 1.10 Version 1.11 Version 1.12 Version 1.13 Version 1.14

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