The central part of a Neighbourhood Plan is its planning policies, which are in the draft Plan. In each case we have 1) identified an issue which affects the Parish, 2) set out our what our objectives are in relation to that issue, 3) prepared a policy which seeks to deliver those objectives, and 4) provided evidence to support that policy.

The Neighbourhood Plan does not allocate land for future development. The role of the Neighbourhood Plan is to set rules for and guide planning decisions, and to ensure that schemes are of the highest possible quality. All policies which are relevant to a particular planning proposal will be taken into account when it is assessed.

In due course the Neighbourhood Plan will be subject to a local referendum. If people vote in support of it, then it will have to be taken into account by planning authorities when they makes decisions on applications.

That is why it is important that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of all the Saddleworth communities.

This is the opportunity to make sure that future planning proposals recognise Saddleworth's unique qualities, protect and enhance its character, and deliver as many positive benefits for our communities as possible.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Version

The summary, which has been posted out to 12,000 houses in the community, provides a short and simplified version of each objective and policy. The complete policies are in the full Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Summary

It is a legal requirement to carry out a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA), and a Strategic Environmental Assessment screening (SEA). These two assessments have been carried out, and are available here:

An accessible, text only version of the neighbourhood plan is also available to download.

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