TfGM “answer” fails to address Parish Council’s concerns

7th of August, 2023

TfGM have responded to Saddleworth Parish Council following our recent motion about the failure to provide any details about how their plans for rail network improvements in Saddleworth will work.

While they have drawn up plans for improvements to the accessibility, and stated that Greenfield was “within the top 20 stations of our weighted list for accessibility upgrades”, their response stated that they were still were waiting for confirmation of funding, and that accessibility would be developed as part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade”, but gave no dates or targets for when that would happen.

Concerns about the inaccessibility of the eastbound platform – on the only train station in the whole of Oldham borough – have been being raised by the Parish Council for over 25 years, and despite repeated assurance on delivery from various transport organisations, the platform remains without disabled access.

The Parish Council would like to remind any passengers with disabilities that “rail operators are legally obliged to provide, without extra charge, and appropriate alternative service to the next, most convenient, accessible station” – in this case Mossley. You can book a taxi in advance by calling 0800 107 2149, up to two hours before the journey, or at the ticket office or help point when you arrive at the station.