Community Fridge Scheme

7th of March, 2024

Our new Community Fridge will help to stop food waste while sharing surplus fresh food with all who visit it – free!

It’s a shocking fact that many households can’t afford to eat properly while at the same time mountains of surplus food is being wasted. Hikes in food prices mean that more households than ever are having to carefully monitor what they spend. And then there’s the environmental impact of so much food going into landfill…

Hubbub is the award-winning environmental charity behind the Community Fridge Network which is a space that brings people together to share surplus food, meet up, learn new skills and prevent fresh food from supermarkets, food businesses, etc going to waste. And because community fridges are open to all, there’s hopefully none of the stigma attached to those needing to use a community fridge as their primary source of food.

There are over 600 fridges across the UK and here in Saddleworth, we are busy looking at various possible locations for our own community fridge or – even better - fridges. So please watch this space for news on your new local Community Fridge(s). Meanwhile, you can find out more about the Community Fridge Network from Hubbub at