Saddleworth Neighbourhood Plan

7th of March, 2024

Want to influence what happens in Saddleworth over the next 20 years? The Neighbourhood Plan will be ready for public consultation in April.


The draft of the Saddleworth Neighbourhood Plan will be ready for public consultation at the end of March / early April and we’ll be contacting local homes and businesses inviting people to respond.

The purpose of the Plan is to shape what happens in the Saddleworth over the next twenty years, giving people the power to develop a vision for their neighbourhood, with input on new homes, shops, offices, community facilities, schools, healthcare, infrastructure, environment and countryside. Our vision is that Saddleworth will be made up of many thriving communities, each with its own strong identity, offering great opportunities for people to live, work and play here.

The Plan, which will be reviewed every five years, is the result of consultation with residents and local community organisations including community / residents’ associations, historical societies, the RSPB, churches, police, schools and the Peak District National Park. 

At its heart is Sustainability: ensuring a carefully balanced progress that takes into account the legacy of any actions on future generations and recognising that local actions can have wider impacts (e.g. climate change). Plus, while benefiting from our vital economic, social and environmental links with Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire, that Saddleworth never becomes simply a dormitory area for these conurbations.